Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Long Cardigan Muslimah Untuk Penampilan yang Syari Tapi ‘Nggak Biasa’

Pengen syari tapi tetap stylish? Menurut saya bisa banget. Buat saya yang (berusaha) mengenakan jilbab yang minimal menutup dada, pilihan style tentu nggak mungkin seperti kalung atau pernak-pernik yang mengutak-atik jilbab sedada itu. Mutlak. Belum lagi, sekitar 90% baju yang saya gunakan sehari-hari adalah gamis. Nah, pilihan variasi busana Muslimah yang hampir setiap hari saya gunakan adalah long cardigan muslimah. Kalau udah padu padan gamis dengan long cardigan, aman deh, nggak usah mikirin gaya ‘aneh-aneh’. Hehe
Yes, entah gamis polos atau bermotif, long cardigan selalu bisa bikin penampilan ‘nggak biasa’. Kalau gamisnya polos, long cardigan merupakan kombinasi biar penampilan nggak ngebosenin. Tinggal padu padan dengan long cardigan yang polos juga atau bermotif. Nah, kalau lagi pengen pakai gamis dengan motif yang semarak, long cardigan polos adalah salah satu tips berbusana biar penampilan nggak kelihatan ‘keramaian’.
Nah, berikut tips mengenakan long cardigan menurut saya :
1.         Pilih warna-warna basic 
Warna long cardigan yang minimal kudu ada di lemari menurut saya tiga warna dasar : hitam, coklat dan abu-abu. Kalau saya sih plus pink hihi. Tiga warna dasar itu bisa masuk ke apapun warna gamis kita.

2.         Pilih bahan yang nggak terlalu tebal dan nggak panas
Karena fungsinya sebagai outerwear atau luaran saja, bahan long cardigan nggak perlu yang tebal. Bahan luaran favorit saya crepe : nggak tebal, kelihatan bagus dipakainya, dan nggak gampang kusut.

3.        Pilih bahan ceruti atau brokat buat penampilan yang terkesan ‘mewah’
Mau kondangan tapi bingung pakai baju apa? Gampang. Tinggal mix match gamis polos dengan long cardigan berbahan ceruti atau brokat untuk memberikan kesan ‘mewah’.

4.        Long cardigan sekaligus penghangat badan, kenapa enggak?
Yes, long cardigan nggak hanya berfungsi sebagai pelengkap berbusana saja, tetapi juga sekaligus penghangat badan. Pilih bahan rajut atau kashmir yang bisa menemani di kala dingin.

5.        Punya gamis dengan bahan ngejiplak badan? Long cardigan bisa membantu menyamarkan loh
Kalau kamu punya gamis berbahan jersey atau kaos yang udah lama nggak kamu pakai karena ngejiplak badan, adanya long cardigan bisa ngebantu banget buat menyamarkan. Tapi, kalau gamisnya ngejiplak badan, long cardigan-nya usahain jangan yang berbahan nerawang seperti ceruti ya.

6.        Jangan sampai tabrak motif ya
Kalau kamu punya long cardigan bermotif, kenakan jilbab yang polos. Nah kalau luarannya polos, bolehlah jilbabnya polos atau bermotif.

7.        Pengen lebih praktis? Pilih long cardigan berlengan pendek atau tanpa lengan
Kalau saya pribadi lebih suka mengenakan long cardigan dengan lengan pendek atau tanpa lengan. Menurut saya, lebih praktis dan lebih cakep dilihat kalau lengan panjang dari gamis yang kelihatan hihi.

8.        Long cardigan dengan rok panjang? Cakep juga
Walau, menurut saya, kombinasi yang paling pas untuk long cardigan adalah gamis, memadukannya dengan rok oke juga kok. Nah, pilih rok yang berbentuk A-line ya kalau hendak mengenakan long cardigan untuk mendapatkan kesan yang lebih slim

9.        Long cardigan jangan lebih panjang dari gamis atau roknya
Idealnya, panjang cardigan lebih dari lutut tapi kurang dari mata kaki.

Nah, gimana menurutmu? Kamu suka pakai long cardigan muslimah nggak? Kalau suka, model dan bahan long cardigan apa yang paling sering kamu pakai?  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Find Your Ikigai, Find The Reason You Wake Up Everyday

What make you get up early? What make you enthusiastic about today? The Japanese have long defined about a concept of living with purpose called ‘Ikigai’ which means the reason to get up in the morning1. When someone has such a purpose and meaning of facing the daily life, he has such an Ikigai. The term ikigai is composed of two Japanese words : ‘iki’ refers to ‘life’, while ‘kai’ refers to ‘realisation of what one expects and hopes for’2. Ikigai is believed as the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. Moreover, the Japanese also believes that everyone has ikigai within himself. Hence, you must have it, all you need to do is revealing what might be hidden. You might undergo such a self-discovery.
Pic source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikigai
According to the Japanese, there are four primary interrelated elements : things that you love (passion), things the world needs (mission), things that you are good at (vocation), and things that you can be paid for (profession). If you lack in one element, you can’t maximize your life’s potency.
So, how to find your Ikigai?
1.         Seek within self what really matter
You are the captain of your life. But sometimes, you live on ‘autopilot’, the state which you are living life like being a zombie : distracted, partially aware, and missing the moment.  The situation which may be seen as ‘routinity’. To create your ikigai, take time to contemplate about what really matter for you and what values you are holding on tightly in life. A way to seek within self is asking. Keep asking your self. What is your job? Why do you work? Do you feel good on it? Will it make difference for other people? Dig a little deeper and deeper. Keep asking until you find what really drive you.
2.         Know what you can do to others
Never been anything better than the feeling that we can help those in need, you can start from asking yourself : what good deeds you are able to do today. Make an attempt to be the reason that someone be uplifted. Be more altruistic toward others.
3.         Count your blessings, appreciate any achievement
Everyone is special and so are you. No matter how small an achievement is, it can be a clue about what you are good at and what you like to do. Try to remember any achievement or acknowledgement that you acquire during your life so far.
4.         Write down
Once you have reflected about what really matter in life, take a note and write down about those four elements of Ikigai. What things that you are willing to do them like someone falling in love? What are your contributions to other people? What make you above average? What are your talents and abilities? What things that can make you be paid?
5.         Relate one another
Passion is the combination between things which you are good at and things which you love. Mission is the combination between things which you love and things which the world needs. Vocation is the combination between things which the world needs and things which you can be paid for. While profession is the combination between things which you can be paid for and things which you are good at. Relate what you have listed to one interconnecting circle and your Ikigai is in the middle of the circle.
At last, physical health alone is not enough. You need mental resilience and Ikigai will nurture your vigorous soul. Cited from Kyosei Consulting3, research in Japan has elaborated that a lack of Ikigai is ‘related with poor general health, increased risk of intellectual dysfunction, and increased mortality in older people’. Further more, the Kyosei stated that similar research in the west had discovered the connection between significant health benefits for people at any age and having a sense of purpose and meaning.   
Now, can you imagine waking up in the morning feeling so energized because you will do something beneficial that you love, you are paid for that and you have a flair on it? If you do, congratulation! You are living your life truly worthwhile. But, if you haven’t felt that way yet, find your Ikigai that will lead you to get a second bite at the cherry!
Ikigai is your personal experience. Discover your own and live your life to the fullest. Cheers!

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