China, I'm coming!

Not to mention that China is the most populous country in the world, this country is the most-wanted-to-visit country for me after Saudi Arabia. I really love the long history of its civilization (A chinese invented the paper for first time right?), the knowledge and wisdom of east culture which are so blended with the life of people there nowadays. (of course from the news and books I’ve read, coz I’ve never been there yet :P). China is called as the giant of Asia. Its economy amazes many people all over the world. But in this posting, I’m not going to talk about that, I just wanna share about the things which I’m really interested in from this country.

First, the big wall is so impressive. No wonder that it is one of the seven wonder in the world. Coming there and wandering around the big wall will really be a fancy for me. (of course not taking all the distance which is about 14 kilometres if I'm not mistaken :P).
A black and white animal which is often associated with this country, Panda, is soooo cute. I wish I could just touch one (or maybe at least taking a picture with it) ^^.
I'll go here someday, insya Allah (all images are from google)

Furthermore, I admire the China’s rich culture and history very much. Forbidden kingdom is also  in my top list. By the way, you can find Chinese wisdom words easily. Even, a popular Arabic quote says, “Study until China,”. Chinese are well-known as persintent people, they work really hard for what they dream. 

beautiful, right?
Mandarin is said to be the hardest language in the world. I should agree with this. The grammatical way is like Indonesia language (not having a changing form of verb), so I think English grammar and Arabic grammar (evenmore) are much more difficult from that but the Chinese letters (named hanzi) reach thousands in number and I can call it ‘makes my hair curly’. I love to listen to what the anchor of Metro Xinwen says (Mandarin always sounds beautiful for me), try hard to understand the quick rhythm of the words, try to imitate the accent. Hard doesn’t mean impossible right? ^^

I don’t know when or how but I always keep the hope that someday I will say “China, I’m coming!”. I always wonder when I will have a warm conversation aroud the table with friends all over the world. It is always be my dream to go visit the places I’ve never been across the world, know people with different hair, countries and languages. I don’t know how and when but I strive for this dream. I used to take Mandarin course when I studied in college (it stopped because I moved to work and I just haven’t found the suitable one near my boarding house), I read Chinese books and eventhough I get my head full, it is so interesting to rewrite hanzi letters on a paper (sometimes :P). I’m having my Arabic course for now and also learn English more and more. I don’t think I can afford the ‘trip’ around the world by myself, that’s why I aim to be able to understand and speak with those three languages because I believe it will find me my way and something I’ll thank for someday. Someday. Maybe by scholarship or short-course offering and I will have had myself ready when the time comes. Or maybe from other way which I can’t expect yet, who knows, it will always be a way for what you really dream right? ^^ 

By the way, this is the book that I really want to buy but the cost is expensive for me (I will be so excited if someone lends me or buys it for me :P).

it costs about IDR 500k

I blogwalked and excitedly found Kenni's blog which sometimes talks in Mandarin (I also envy his trip to China). It will be nice if someone offers to have a talk in Mandarin with me (I am really a beginner and my partner in practicing is now far from me, sadly) or maybe someone can recommend blogs which I can follow. I’ll be glad. ^^

Sometimes it is not the dream which is worthed to pursue, however, the hard effort and the journey to get the dreams are worthed to have! (Monika, an optimistic dreamer :p)

P.S : It takes me long time not to write in English and I hope you can enjoy this posting (please forgive the simple vocabulary chosen :P), please let me know if you find any grammatical mistake in this posting because I myself don’t feel comfortable if I read the usage of inappropriate grammar. Hihi.

8 komentar

  1. I hope someday you'll be able to go there
    I know some trick to cut the budget, especially transportation expenses, feel free to talk to me anytime

    And if you need to talk in Chinese, you can practice with me. Im a beginner myself ;p

  2. Aamiin...
    I envy your journey there :p

    Huwa lama ga practice udah banyak yg lupa hiks hiks, blajar lagi dulu ya biar ga malu2in hihihi...

  3. haloo moncee..
    it's been a while since i read your last post.

    truthfully, i had some raw post in english. but, i don't have any idea to deliver those posts. pathetic!

    yeaah,practice makes perfect!

  4. wow.. mau kesana yah??

    saya doakan smoga ALlaoh menyertai kakak

    eheh aku gak ngerti bacanya apa..
    bhs inggris smw.,, kekekekek...

    yes..yes no aja deh...


  5. .Kyong
    Ayo kyong, explore more about our writing skills, ini juga masih belajar, biar segmen pembaca lebih luas juga hehe.. Ditunggu tulisannya :D

    .Annur (btw lbh suka dipanggil apa nih? Hehe)
    Aamiin... Sering2 berkunjung yak hihi...

  6. seneng amat ke cina... "tuntutlah ilmu kenegri cina" udah katam tu brti ilmunya hehehe

  7. @monika : hehe annur aja .. eh aku panggilnya kakak atw mbak? hehe
    Okeh deh Monika..

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