Monika Yulando Putri

  • Always proud of being a Moslemah. The greatest blessing in my life, alhamdulillah 
  • Financial analyst in Ministry of Finance for living
  • I'm a bookworm, love to learn, write, travel, teach, do new things and meet new people over the world. 
  • Having an eager ethusiasm in English, Arabic and Mandarin (dying to master them all :p).
  • An optimistic dreamer. A happy sanguinist. Totally have so many dreams such as having an educational non-profit organization, going pilgrimage with my family, traveling to Arab, China and Greek. Believe that my dreams will be accomplished someday, one by one (insya Allah) ^^

And.. may this blog be useful and spread goodness :)
Regard ^^

Life is always beautiful, no matter how. Life is always beautiful, if you believe it is (Monilando, 2011)